As part of the basic course series “Energiewende 2.0”, organised by the Heinrich Böll Foundation, two separate online webinars offered an introduction to the topic of sufficiency for socially and politically engaged individuals and other interested parties.

Frauke Wiese and Johannes Thema from the EnSu group provided easy-to-understand information on the climate protection potential of sufficiency policy. They also dispelled existing prejudices and outlined ways in which politicians, companies and citizens can implement sufficiency measures in practice. Below you will find the recordings of the two events.

Day 1: Definition and potential of sufficiency

What exactly is meant by sufficiency?

What role does sufficiency play in achieving climate protection goals?

What are the opportunities and necessities of sufficiency with regard to other sustainability goals?

What is the current development of sufficiency indicators in Germany?

Day 2: Sufficiency policy and measures:

What do sufficiency measures look like in practice?

What obstacles stand in the way of sufficiency policy?

What can contribute to the implementation of sufficiency policy in Germany?

What about the legitimacy of sufficiency policy?